Summer Biking

Our summer biking group meets on Tuesday evenings and we ride a section on the Ohio Erie Towpath between Akron and Navarre weather permitting. You ride at your own pace and go as far as you are comfortable with. Our rule of thumb is we ride out for 45 minutes, take a short break then return making the ride about an hour and a half long as a guideline. I send out an email a day or two ahead of time to let you know where we will be meeting at to start.  We also try to include a Saturday ride each month.  The Saturday rides will include other nearby trails and may coincide with other activities in the area.

The rides will be on Tuesday evening starting at 6 PM weather permitting. The minimum temperature requirement is 60 degrees and of course, not raining.  You do not need to be Stark County Ski Club member to ride with us. You do not even need to be a rider as you are welcome to join us and just take a walk on the trail.


If you have questions or want to be added to the email list to receive weekly information on where we will be riding, send an email to